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Episode 005: ☰ ( SKY ) Dan Mann - The Hero's Journey

Dan Mann is an elite competitive endurance athlete, a world-renowned surfboard shaper, deep thinker, father, husband and a genuine renaissance man. In this episode, Dan and I find a sunny spot in a park near his shaping bay, where we enjoy a trumpet student's flat lines and discuss the culture surrounding self-improvement techniques and how tackling adversities & challenges can be a more pragmatic and self-empowering path to improving our quality of life and expanding our consciousness, in the age of comforts and conveniences.

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Episode 003: ☰ (SKY) Sonya Mohamed & Sebastian Slovin - Content Contentment

In this episode, I sit down with Sonya Mohamed and Sebastian Slovin, to talk about their company, Nature Unplugged and discuss various ways to establish healthier relationships to technology and deeper connections to nature.

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