Episode 003: ☰ (SKY) Sonya Mohamed & Sebastian Slovin - Content Contentment


Sonya and Sebastian are two of the more grounded, disciplined and genuine people I know. Both originating from a childhood inundated with nature, Sebastian and Sonya quickly found common ground and chemistry within their live’s orientation and values. Seb grew up saturated with the loving salt of the sea and sandy grit of the San Diego seashore, while Sonya grew amongst wise the tall trees and the inescapable awe of the peaks and valleys in Pennsylvania’s backwoods. They grew from different soil but shared the same longing for growth and expansion under the warm sun. Through each of their individual life experiences and acquired knowledge, they developed a vision and later a coaching program, of how to help others find greater harmony and balance in their lives. In this episode, I sit down with Sonya Mohamed and Sebastian Slovin, to talk about their company, Nature Unplugged and discuss various ways to establish healthier relationships to technology and deeper connections to nature.