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BONUS Episode 001: ☰ ☵ ☷ - Season Update

This is the first Bonus episode of the show series. For these episodes I will use the time to handle any “housekeeping”, share content that may not fit the normal format of the full length episodes and or share anything that I feel you might find particularly valuable. In this first bonus episode, I catch up with the audience and give a season update on what’s been going on and what exciting new things they can expect in the near future. Tune in and see what we got cooking. Until next time, be well, keep in touch and enjoy the ride!

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Episode 005: ☰ ( SKY ) Dan Mann - The Hero's Journey

Dan Mann is an elite competitive endurance athlete, a world-renowned surfboard shaper, deep thinker, father, husband and a genuine renaissance man. In this episode, Dan and I find a sunny spot in a park near his shaping bay, where we enjoy a trumpet student's flat lines and discuss the culture surrounding self-improvement techniques and how tackling adversities & challenges can be a more pragmatic and self-empowering path to improving our quality of life and expanding our consciousness, in the age of comforts and conveniences.

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