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Episode 011: ☵ (Water) Easkey Britton - Gifts from the Sea

In this episode, we discuss Easkey’s personal history, various ongoing environmentally focused projects, exploring far out desolate lands, becoming a surfing pioneer of her own, all the gifts from the sea she has received and how those blessings have taught her more about life and how to support humanity, than any other source of insight in her life. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and I know you will too, so drop in, tune up and enjoy the ride!

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Episode 004: ☷ (EARTH) Timbo Stillinger - Hydraulic Systems for Sustainable Happiness

In this episode, I sit down with Timbo on a viewpoint bench overlooking our local surf break, to discuss his past and current work projects. We learn how to improve our awareness, activism and impact on natural systems in our local environments and how he landed a job that paid him to surf, at least once a day.

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