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Episode 010: ☷ (EARTH) Nick Sadrpour - Evading Silo Syndrome through Citizen Science.

In this episode, I speak with Federal agent Nick Sadrpour of the USC Sea Grant Program about environmental conservation work, citizen science and the integral relationship between public, private and governmental sectors that is necessary to making lasting environmental policies. Nick is tasked with the providing and local coastal communities with science to empower them to better manage their natural resources.

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Episode 007: ☵ (WATER) Jay Nelson - Stoke The Dream

As classic California surf rat, Jay Nelson, grew from the creative seeds of his family and peers, exploring various artistic mediums and eventually becoming a world-renowned creator and curator of stoke and design. In this episode I meet with Jay at his workshop in San Francisco, where we chat about discovering and creating your own path, bridging the gap between childhood dreams and a sustainable reality, finding identity through our passions and much more. Drop in, tune up and enjoy the ride!

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