Episode 009: ☵ (WATER) Jared Muscat - Epileptic Opportunity

From and early age Jared was bestowed with the fantastic visions of coastal California living and the seeds of a soul surfer. WIth the foundation laid, it took only one chance wave from a kind stranger to become hooked for life. Having joined the global community of hopeless ocean addicts, he grew into a life infused with salty spirits and an endless pursuit of pleasure & play at sea.

His reality blissfully oriented by the water and dreams inspired by the fluid motions of his daily surf rituals, he had no notion of the dormant disease that lay just beneath the surface of his stoke-filled world. At the crossroads of young adulthood, enthralled by the prospect of his new independent college life, Jared was unprepared for the radical turn the universe had in store for him.

With no recollection of the incident, he awoke in the hospital one early morning, having suffered his first Epileptic episode. Surrounded by concerned doctors and scared loved ones, he became consumed by a cloud of emotions and confusion in an attempt to comprehend and reconcile the electrical demon that had taken up residency deep in his brain. This new reality set Jared on an entirely unplanned path in life, causing him and his family a number of challenges, yet in time also providing him with some unexpected opportunities. In this case, an Epileptic opportunity.  

Jared has traveled a long and arduous road with this disease, as most do, and yet somehow has found a way to become a true warrior of the spirit, maintaining a resilience and unwavering spirit that would go on to inspire those around him and strangers alike. Determined to follow his heart and passions, and despite being “contraindicated” by his doctor, an integral part of his personal approach to rehabilitation unsurprisingly consisted of continued exposure and immersion in the ocean, often time in waves of serious consequence.

Now a Patagonia employee, established “Big Wave Surfer”, notorious frother and stoke farmer, he constructively channels his experiences and insights to raise awareness around this strikingly common disease and provides support for those affected. About a month ago, I met Jared at C Street in Ventura and had the pleasure & honor of sharing with him his first session back in the water since the brain surgery. That session alone was inspiring and eye opening, and one for which I’m grateful to have shared with him. Later that afternoon, he clocked out of work and we sat down in his garage to geek out on surfboards in his quiver and discuss the fascinating world of an Epileptic Warrior. Jared is a remarkably kind, ernest person and an amazing advocate for greater awareness around epilepsy. I thoroughly enjoyed discussing the journey and our thoughts for a bright future, and I’m sure you will to.