Episode 002: ☵ (WATER) Cliff Kapono - Malama Pono

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I had the pleasure of meeting cliff through a mutual friend and was immediately impressed by his candor and presence, he seemed to emit a certain warmth and openness that welcomed all who he came across and invited them to connect more, a genuine aloha spirit and mana. As I got to know Cliff better and know of his various projects and endeavours, I quickly became a huge fan of his surfing and of him as a human. A year or so later, I picked up Cliff from his lab in La Jolla on the UCSD campus, after a long days work. We swung by the liquor store, grabbed a couple(maybe a few) Buchkrafts and headed back to his place to decompress and rap out on the couch. In this episode, I catch up with pro surfer, environmental activist, biochemist and Hawaiian island waterman, Cliff Kapono, to discuss surfing culture and how pursuing a path in academia can lead to a valuable and fulfilling future.