Episode 011: ☵ (Water) Easkey Britton - Gifts from the Sea

The fluid and cyclical elements of our world have always been deeply cherished components of Easkey Britton’s essence. In fact, her life has been so immersed in the land and sea throughout her life, that she struggles to recall an actual first or beginning experience of such environments, leading to her self-described Hydrophile nature. This nurture is complimented by the nature of her heritage. Hailing from a proud bloodline, her family were true pioneers, begining with her grandmother, who brought the first surfboards to Ireland. While her grandmother’s intentions were to provide those surfboards for the guests at her Inn, recently inspired by the Malibu, CA beach culture, they were quickly commandeered by her sons, who took it upon themselves to explore the near-shore watters of the wild Atlantic on these strange new crafts, and teach themselves the majestic art of wave riding, in time becoming the first surfers in all of Ireland.

It is these influences and others that lead Easkey down what became a life path that flowed like a Celtic river, revolving around the discovery of gifts from our natural environment, and how best to share that information and those insights with the rest of the world. It was who she was and what she has been working on that initially inspired me to try and connect with her, to thank her for her work, and to see what I could learn from her wisdom and experiences. Once I bought my ticket for Ireland and discovered that we had a mutual friend(my first podcast guest, Srinivas Rao), I realized that wish may soon become a reality.

The wild Atlantic may be the most consistently active and provocative dancer of all the seas, and as such, she had me chasing the rapidly changing conditions all over the map, day in and day out. I tirelessly dedicated myself to the hunt, in hopes of discovering some fleeting aquatic bliss and possibly even a wave shaped pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. Given my erratic and unpredictable itinerary, Easky and I crossed paths multiple times throughout my journey, with near misses. But with some persistence and proper prioritizing, we finally got to connect and sit down for a lovely chat, in the beautiful seaside village of Strandhill, in the NW of Ireland. As we danced through small talk getting to know one another and our recent travels and happenings, we took a stroll down the beach, to find some wind(and sound) shelter behind the iconic rolling sand dunes of Strandhill. Once seated on a fine sunny patch of sand and reeds, a conversation ensued and flowed, like the waters I had been seeking.

In this episode, we discuss Easkey’s personal history, various ongoing environmentally focused projects, exploring far out desolate lands, becoming a surfing pioneer of her own, all the gifts from the sea she has received and how those blessings have taught her more about life and how to support humanity, than any other source of insight in her life. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and I know you will too, so drop in, tune up and enjoy the ride!

Show Notes:

Easkey’s website

TED Talk - “Just Add Water”

Short film - “A Lunar Cycle”

Documentary - “Into the Sea”

Research Journal Study - “Blue Care”




Intro song - The Elder Statesman “Montreux Sunrise”

Outro song - “Dayfade “To the Moon and Back”