Episode 001: ☵ (WATER) Srinivas Rao - Why Only is Better than Best

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Oddly enough, I met Srini during a week long intensive therapy workshop in our hometown. We quickly bonded over our shared passion for surfing, a dark sense of humor & skepticism about the workshop exercises and a relative level of normalcy, or a "healthy" level of crazy. Once I learned that he was a successful long-time podcaster, my excitement grew as I told him I was interested in creating my own show. Our conversations continued and developed into a growing friendship. This Segued into a number of talks about how to launch a podcast and a number of below average surfs in our local waters. A couple months later, I connected with Srini and convinced him to climb to the top of a very large cliff in south San Diego, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, in order to record the first episode of Offshore Insights. In this episode, I catch up with author, keynote speaker and podcaster, Srinivas Rao, to talk about the release of his recent book, Unmistakable. We discuss life lessons from surfing and why only is better than best.